If you have full equipped apartment in Barcelona and you would like to rent it for a couple of days, weeks, or even months in order for it to be more profitable than renting it on a yearly basis, you have arrived at the correct spot. Discover the advantages of publishing it in Click&Flat!


  • You will not have fixed fees
    We do not bill any fixed fee in order to publish your apartment in our site.


  • Lower commissions than our competitors
    The comission of each booking will be payed by the end client as we act exclusively as a mediator, reducing the great deal of work that supposes the selection and booking of the proper apartment between so much offer. In Click&Flat we can offer a more competitive commision than our competitors due to, primarily, our low cost corporate policy and therefore the price for the end client will be more attractive, converting this, into a larger number or bookings.


  • Advanced booking system
    The client will be able to reserve 24/7 during 365 days through our site and once the booking is confirmed, automatically, an e-mail wil be sent to him (or to the designated person) with all the necessary details in order for the reservation to be appropiately managed.


  • 24h Phone service
    You will have, at your disposal, a direct phone number in order to solve any type of problem or query.


  • Dinamic Intranet
    In our site, you will be able to update the availability calendar, as well as create offers for certain periods.


  • No exclusivity
    We do not require any sort of exclusivity while working with us, we will only require that you have the availability calendar updated in order to avoid any duplicity in the bookings during the same period.


  • Complete disposal of the housing
    You will dispose of your housing any day you need, blocking the availability calendar for those concrete days.


  • Counseling Service
    We will provide advice in the rates, reccomendation of photographs of the interiors, contacts of the companies that make check-ins and check-outs and cleaning, as well as other aspects of the housing.


To register your apartment or for more information please contact us by clicking here. We will be happy to help you!

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