Terms and Conditions

Click&Flat ( is a commercial brand of CLICKANDFLAT, S.L.U. company that facilitates up-to-date and official information about the different lodging possibilities, and facilitates the on-line reservation of such lodging through its web portal.

It is important that you read and understand these terms and conditions before using our service. When placing a booking, the customer declares that they are over 18 years of age and are legally able to make an order. When using such services, you are accepting a legally binding contract of which the described conditions and possible modifications that may be applied in the future. Please, bear in mind that some lodging possibilities have specific terms and conditions in relation to the ways of payment, supplementary rates for concrete concepts, minimum age requirements, check-in/check-out time restraints, norms of behaviour, among other. These concrete conditions are defined by each profile of the lodging possibilies under the title "Specific terms and conditions". The specific conditions of each apartment will additionaly state, in all cases, over the following General terms and conditions. Make sure you read these conditions before completing your booking.


Our company will act as mediator between the users of our portal and the different lodging possibilities that are offered in immediate availability, habitability, and with all extra costs included.

While using our services and making a booking, a contract binding relation is established between the users/clients and the owner of the lodging possibility.


Once verified the availability and filled the booking form, the charge will be proceeded in your credit card or PayPal account, of the designated amount that corresponds to a percentage of the total charge, which will be very clearly stated during the booking process, in euros (€).

After paying the pre-payment amount, the user (hereof client) will receive an e-mail with all the necessary confirmations data. In case, by any reason of not receiving such e-mail, please contact us through our e-mail in order for us to inmediately forward you your confirmation information and the information of your contact person.

We remind you that when you arrive to the apartment you will need to pay the contact person the remaining rate, fixed at the moment of booking, as well as the designated deposit (if applicable), in cash and in Euro (€) unless another form is described in the specific terms and conditions of the apartment.

Please bear in mind that there may be some extra costs associated to a specific apartment indicated in the specific terms and conditions of such, and these will be added upon confirmation of the booking if applicable.


For all guest bookings with period of stay from June 1st, 2021 onwards, a city tax must be paid directly to the contact person. A city tax of 5.00 euros per person per night, for a maximum of 7 consecutive nights (VAT not included). This is an additional charge and it is NOT INCLUDED in the apartment rate.




a) Change of dates for the same apartment
It will be possible to change the dates of the arrival/departure of the apartment, once without any extra costs, just as long the apartment is available for the desired dates and the change is done 30 days before the arrival date. Any extra changes will have an extra cost of 20 euros.

It will be possible to increase the number of days of your booking, just as long as there is availability of the apartment(s) and extra percentage of the extra day(s) need to be payed in order to confirm this change.

If you wish to reduce the amount of days you will need to indicate it with at least 30 days before the entry date and no reimbursement of the proportional amount of the already payed credit. No changes with less than 30 days notice will be accepted, and as such the full amount of the booking will be needed to be payed upon arrival.

b) Change of lodging
It is not possible to change the booked apartment, as each one of them is independent. In the case that you need to change apartment, the client will need to cancel the confirmed booking, invoking the conditions of cancellations (explained forward) and use of a new booking.

c) Changes of the number of guests of the booking
If after making a reservation the client wishes to increase the number of guests that will be hosted, this will always be posible just as long the limit of maximum guests permitted is exceeded. The total price of the booking is calculated again and the client would need to pay a percentage of the price of the additional guests in order to confirm the change.

If the client wishes to reduce the number of guests hosted, the price will not be modified.


Some apartments may have specific conditions of cancellation. These conditions are specified in the specific terms and conditions section in each apartment profile. The specific condititions of cancellation of each specific apartment will be added to the general conditions of cancellation.

The general conditions for cancellation shall not apply to bookings over 28 nights (bookings per month). Please ask to these special conditions before booking.

No refund will be issued if you cancel a booking made with a discount coupon.


a) Cancellation of the booking by own desire before arrival day
In the cancellation of booking case, the quantity payed will be kept in favour of Click&Flat as compensation for the damages caused. However, you may change the dates of your stay, always depending on the availability of the apartment and with a limit of 30 days notice before your booked arrival date.

In order to cancel the booking, you will need to send an e-mail to indicating you complete name, ID number, and booking code.

b) Cancellation of the booking by own will of the client at check-in
The deposit paid will not be refunded under any circumstances except for the following:
- The apartment does not meet minimum living standards
- The apartment does not meet with safety, sanitation, hygiene or minimum services

c) Cancellation of the booking by own will of the client during the stay
Once in the apartment, the client may cancel the contract at any time communicating it to Click&Flat but in no case Click&Flat will refund the amount paid.

d) Cancellation in case of force majeure (from the apartment side commitment)
In case of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances that disallows the client to use the reserved lodging possibility, Click&Flat will offer another lodging possibility of similar characteristics to the booked one. In case that this is not possible or the client is does not agree to the proposed changes, the reservation will be cancelled and the total quantity of the booking will be reimbursed (except the days already lodged, if applicable). In this case, Click&Flat will not assume any other responsability for total or partial cancellation of the booking.


Once the client has received the booking confirmation, the client should contact by e-mail or telephone the contact person, at least 3 working days before the arrival (of which their contact details will be stated at the booking confirmation) in order to be indicated about the details of arrival. Only in the case that both parts have not been contacted 2 days before arrival, the client should inform Click&Flat in order to facilitate the comunication amongst both parts.


Upon arrival to the destiny, the client should inform the contact person via telephone (the number will be indicated in the confirmation e-mail) 1 hour before arriving to the apartment, in order for the client to be received, receive the keys, show how all the installations work, and receive the remaining rate and deposit (if applicable). The client has to pay the remaining rate in cash (€).

During his stay, and among any questions or queries, the client may get in touch with the contact person of the specific apartment.

The client and contact person will agree to arrange the check-out hour and manner. The contact person will take the keys and check the status of the apartment and return the entire deposit if there are no damages.



a) Types
At the moment of booking, any individual that sleeps in the apartment will be considered a guest and needs to pay for the stay. However, children younger than 4 years of age that sleep with their parents or ask for baby cradle service (if applicable) will not be considered, even though the cradle may have an extra cost.

b) Number
It is strictly prohibitted the use of lodging by a number of guests higher of the declared once made the booking. The only case where more guests will be accepted is by the express authorization of Click&Flat and after paying the necessary supplementary rent.



  1. Please make sure to not leave the apartment without the keys, and, more importantly, do not leave the keys hanging in the inside part of the lock, in this case, the opening of the door from the outside is impossible without breaking the door. This may cost up to 150€ of extra cost.
  2. Trash has to be taken outside and deposited in their corresponding trash can every day. The day of exiting the apartment there should not be any garbage left inside the apartment.
  3. If you need to call the intercom, please make sure to ring at the right floor and part in order not to disturb the neighbours.
  4. If when exiting the apartment, you hire a cleaning service, the apartment should be left in acceptable cleaning conditions. In case this is not done, the deposit money can be used in order to cover this service.
  5. The rest of our neighbours has to be rigurously respected, therefore, a minimum noise requirement will be demanded from 11:00pm at the apartments and the common areas of the building. It is important to notice that the bothering of our neighbours is an extemely delicate issue and we are intransigent to this issue.
  6. Please listen to music and TV with a level of volume that does not disturb the neighbours.
  7. We will ask for your special attention when closing the outside doors of the apartment.
  8. Remember to turn off the lights, electric systems, and airconditioning everytime you leave the apartment.
  9. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the apartments.
  10. If you wish to clean the sheets and towels, please do NOT mix it with color clothes. If this case happens, the deposit money will be used in order to cover for the damages.
  11. With respect to animals, it is essential to ask for previous authorization. The deposit for animals will be of 100€, that after the verification of the state of the apartment left, will be returned at check-out.

The clients that do not respect these norms will be automatically asked to leave the apartment without the reimbursement of the rent or deposit.


In accordance with that set forth under current legislation as regards Personal Data Protection, you are hereby informed and accept that your data will be included in an automated file held by Freemind apartments, S.L. for the sole purposes of carrying out requested administration. You may contact Clickandflat, S.L.U. to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition according to law by writing to the email address

You also expressly authorise Clickandflat, S.L.U. to provide your personal data to collaborators in order to comply with this contract and for the purposes of invoicing and fund collection, respectively.

In compliance with that stipulated in Article 21 of the Information Society and E-commerce Services Act 34/2002, if you do not wish to receive any more information about our services, you may unsubscribe by writing to the email address with the subject “Unsubscribe” or “Do not send emails”.



a) Click&Flat
The company is exclusively responsible for the operation of the website. However, Click&Flat visits all of the apartments published in the site, as these have to meet the minimum requirements that we desire for an exellent stay of our clients. At the same time, offers a quality control of the offered services by the owners to our clients through different means, highlighting thte quality controls previously stated.

The information concerning about the apartments advertised on the website is provided, and updated from time to time, by the owners of the apartments and is provided for free to the website users.

b) Owner
The owner will be responsible for all the possible claims that might be received by the clients in reference to its stay, as well as its proper function and quality of its services, instalation, among other... As the clients, if applicable to the case, should make the claims to the reffered owners.

c) Client
The client is obliged to accomplish these general terms and conditions, as well as the specific terms and conditions of the lodging service that himself reserves, and the norms of coexistance offered that can be obtained in the same site.

Also, the customer must leave the accommodation in the same condition as it entered and have to accomplish the obligations established by the owner of the property.

Clients and their companions will have an appropriate use of the apartment.

Neither Click&Flat neither the owner of the property are liable for guest valuables has in the apartment.

Customers are responsible for damage caused on the apartment, except as regards the wear and tear caused by everyday use of the flat.


Any breach of the terms and conditions above established will give the immediate authorization to Click&Flat to make our clients abandon the apartment and may determine the finishing of the contract, without the established compensation of any type due to the execution of this measure.

The present terms and conditions have been translated into different languages. However, in case of conflict of any type, the Spanish version will prevail.

Booking an apartment with Click&Flat implies the absolute acceptance of these terms and conditions, as well as its jurisdiction, and competence of the tribunals and judges of Barcelona.

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