The City of Barcelona is very well communicated with the outsides through various means of transportation. In this article we will outline the maritime and terrestrial ways, since all of these ways have a stop inside the city (in the article called "A little something about Barcelona" you can observe in which areas we have stops the different maritime and terrestrial means of transportation), that is why we will focus on the airports close the City.


From the El Prat del Llobregat airport (Barcelona airport)

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There are various alternatives to reach the city center. The first of them is through the Aerobús, a bus which has stops both in T1 and T2 terminals and in approximately 35 minutes, will take you to the center of the city (Plaza Cataluña). This would be the best price/quality relation option as the round trip ticket is 9,75 € (5,65 € one way) since April 2012. Schedules are:

- A1 (Aerobus 1) all days from 05.30 h to 00.30 h from Plaza Catalunya to Terminal T1 (Airport) and from 06.10 h to 01.05 from Terminal T1 to Plaza Catalunya.

- A2 (Aerobus 2) all days from 05.30 h to 00.30 h from Plaza Catalunya to terminal T2 (Airport) and from 06.00 h to 01.00 from Terminal T2 to Plaza Catalunya.

Another option would be to use the taxi service that for 25-30 € will take you where ever in the city you would like.


From Girona airport

The bus links the Girona Airport to the catalan capital in about 75 minutes. This bus only has one stop at the "Estación del Norte" of Barcelona. This is the most comfortable and economic mean, as the round trip ticket costs 21 € (12 € one way). However, we have to be specially careful during the days of 24, 26, and 31 of December and 1 January as the service at these days is weakened, and the 25 December there is no bus shuttle service. You can see the up-to-date time schedule in the official Sagalés website which is the company that runs this service.


From Reus Airport

There is a bus line that unifies Reus with Sants Station in Barcleona in aproximately 90 minutes. This round trip costs 23 € (13€ on way). This line is operated by the comapany Hispano-Igualadina and from their website you could consult their up-to-date time schedules.

If the weather is on our behalf, Barcelona is a city which can be discovered by walk, slowly tasting its charm. In Click&Flat we are aware that time is a limited asset, that is why we would like to indicate the various means of transportation through the City.

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Public transport

The public transport in Barcelona is very well planned and it is the best and cheaper way to move around the city.

Bus and metro
Currently, a one way ticket costs 2,15 €. However, we would recommend purchasing the various cards available as they are much cheaper per transport (ie. Card of 10 transports: 10,30€). For more information about this issue you can check the TMB, website where you can find all the necessary information to move confortably around the city.

Touristic transport
The touristic transport is a perfect and very interesting complement to get to know the different places of the city in a quick manner. The most famous one is the "Bús turístic", even though it is not the only one offering this service. For more information you can look at their website click here.

TaxiRent apartments in Barcelona | Typical Barcelona taxi
In Barcelona, the taxi service is not extremely expensive. The cars are black and yellow, and the cost of transports around the city center may vary between 4 and 8 €. When you wish for a taxi, you would need to raise your hand when you see one that is available (identified by a green light at the top of the car) or directly calling: (+34) 93 303 30 33. For more information: Instituto Metropolitano del Taxi.


Private transport

If you arrived to Barcelona in your own car, we would reccomend leaving it parked as the city traffic tends to be heavy and finding a parking place can become a very complicated task. You can view more information about that in our article: Where to park in Barcelona?

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