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Barcelona is, due to its mediterranean character, a dinamic, cosmopolitan, open and modern city that has been known to nurtre itself from the external influences received throughout its history. This has been true in the past, still is now. Barcelona conserves the proudness of its cultural baggage, that dates back from Roman times until the most modern XXI century architecture. Both its important economic drive and its cultural along with its artistic initiatives make Barcelona a mandatory destiny.

Barcelona is divided into 10 districts: every single one of them with its own history or peculiar story, that makes them different and unique. Below, we will briefly explain the history of all different districts in order for our guests to see what may they find of interest in each one of them. Therefore, decide where where they might want to stay.

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Ciutat Vella

As its name indicates (Old City in English) this district is the most antique one of the city. In it we can find remains of the oldest civilizations of the city, all the way from the Roman ruins until the very well conserved parts of the medieval city that it once was. It is formed by four main sub-districts, Gótico, el Raval, Els Antics Palaus (Born) and Barceloneta. In these neighborhoods, people from all over the world intertwine themselves creating a mix of cultures that enrich the neighborhood considerably. Currently, in this romantic district there is a wide variety of cultural, commercial, and recreational activities, both during the day and night.

This district is indicated for young people that desire to envolve themselves in the social, cultural and recreational life of the city, and at the same time for those who would enjoy being close to the sea.

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Rent in Barcelona | Casa Milà (La Pedrera)

This district is the most centric one of the city. Its main characteristics is its own urban design, as it consists of a great cuadrant drawn by its streets. While it was being built (towards the end of the XIX century), great flows of Modernism times started to appear, with Antoni Gaudí at its head. Here, we can find a great number of architectural masterpieces, such as La Sagrada Familia", "La Casa Milá" (also known as "La Pedrera"), "La Casa Batlló", "La Casa Amatller", Saint Pau Hostpital amongst many others. Also, this district, is the business, commercial, and financial center of the city. At its extreme right of this district we can find the most important bus station of the city: "La Estació del Nord".

We highly recomend this district for all types of tourists and also for business people as it is a very well centered district and it is very well communicated with all parts of the city.

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Sant Martí

This is the district that has changed the most during the past decades, as in past times it was an industrial and residential neighborhood where great part of the industrial revolution of the city happened, this past century. Starting the 1990's and thanks to the Barcelona Olympic Games of 1992, it started to adapt to the new model of urban design that Barcelona was experiencing and it opened itself to the sea through an area known as "Villa Olímpica". However, it wasn't until the year 2000, and due to the Culture Forum of 2004 organized by Barcelona that it didn't finish its opening to the Mediterrenean, with the new area called "Diagonal Mar". Also, in this district we can find the known "22@" neighborhood, known for its innovation and knowledge center of Barcelona, where a number of well known technology and communication companies reside.

We recommend this district specially to technology and audiovisual business men as it is the technology center of Barcelona. It's also recommended for people that wish to be close to the sea and those who are in search of luxury apartments as many of the apartments that can be found in this area are of new construction and often have high quality standards.

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Rent apartments in Barcelona | Montjuïc Magic Fountain

This is the largest district of the city. It includes the most commercial and industrial area of the Barcelona port, and the Montjuïc mountain, that, along with the Tibidabo mountain limit the East and West borders of the city, and the Barcelona Fair Center as well as the National Museum of Catalan Art otherwise known as MNAC. At the Montjuïc mountain we can find the known as "Olympic Ring", composed of the Olympic Stadium and the "Palau Sant Jordi" and other sporting centers. It is also worth noticing the Joan Miró museum and the Montjuïc Castle (currently, destined as a military museum"). In any case, its extremely important to notice the amazing views that can be appreciated from diverse places of this mountain. In the most northern part of this district we can find the most important train station of Barcelona (Estació de Sants).

This district is indicated for businessmen, including business fair men, as here is where the Barcelona Fair is located and as stated above, the main train station of the city. It is also the closest district to the Barcelona Airport.



Rent in Barcelona | Park Güell dragon

Gracia was an independent town inside Barcelona until 1897. This district was linked to the old town of Barcelona (Ciutat Vella) through the Paseo de Gracia (there is where the name comes from). It's the smallest district of the city, however it's the second largest in terms of population density. The center of Gracia continues conservating its own independent character. The alive spirit of its small streets, full of bars, restaurants, and shops, make it one of the most attractive places of the city. Also, here, we can find a very important park of touristic and cultural interest: the "Park Güell".

As with the Ciutat Vella, it is a bohemic neighborhood indicated for young people due to its high social and recreative activity.

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Rent in Barcelona | Temple of Sagrado Corazón de Jesús (Tibidabo)

Sarrià - Sant Gervasi and Les Corts

As with the case of Gràcia, these districts also represent an annex to Barcelona towards the end of XIX Century. Sarriá is the district whose independant spirit is best conserved, besides being a district of large residential component, and is of great cultural/medical/business or even university interest. First of all, it is imporant to highlight the Tibidabo mountain with its prestigious Avenue where the oldest tram of the city is still functioning: the "Tranvia Azul" (Blue Tram). It is also important to point out the Pedralbes Monastery and the Royal Palace. In this district, the most prestigious, medical centers, hospitals and university areas of the city are statoned. It is, in all aspects the most prestigious districts, and this has its reason, since historically, the most wealthy casts of the old Barcelona had their second residence in the Sarriá district and surroundings. In "Les Corts" we can find the Futbol Club Barcelona Stadium as well as its museum.

We recommend this district to anybody who come visit the city for medical reasons, businessmen and students due to its closeness to the most prestigious medical centers and business schools of the city. Also highly recomended for people who wish to disconnect of the accelerated pace, and sometimes noisy, of the center of Barcelona.

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Horta – Guinardó, Sant Andreu and Nou Barris

Rent apartments in Barcelona | Laberinto park in Horta

These three districts have a great residential component since it has been an area of great expansion towards the middle of the XX Century when Barcelona received a high number of new inhabitants. It is important to point out the very pretty "Parque Laberinto" (Laberinth Park) and the "Mistos" sculpture (In catalan Matches) in Horta and the future high speed train of "La Sagrera".

This district is indicated for people in search of a more economic place to stay compared to city prices.

To know more about our city, please visit the oficial Barcelona Tourism website where you will find more detailed information and various itenirary plans that will show you the most important competencies of Barcelona according to your length of stay.

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