If you arrived to Barcelona by car, parking the the car might become a very complicated task. In this article we pretend to show the different alternatives that are available when choosing your parking spot:

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Parkings in Barcelona

In addition to parking in open air, there are various parkings with surveilance where you can leave your car the time you wish. The price range in the majority of the parkings varies from 25 - 40 € per day; however, the public parking company in Barcelona B:SM has 3 options of daily coupons for tourists: 1, 3 and 7 days to use in all of its parkings in Barcelona (over 50) for 25, 35 and 65 euros respectively with the added value that the client may enter and leave any B:SM parking whenever they wish. Furthermore, they offer important discount rates for long term stays in Barcelona so parking in Barcelona won't be a problem anymore. Download for FREE the coupon, parkings list and addresses through B:SM official site!

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Blue area

If they are on a commercial center, the parking places would usually be painted in blue, this means that in these areas, you need to pay a parking fee at the closest Parking toll. In these areas there is a parking time restraint of two hours and it is important to point out that this area is free from 08:00pm until 08:00am. Also, during August, around 80% of the blue areas are free. It is impotant to read the information that appears in these machines as the times, hours and paying quantity vary from area to area. This is why the price and times may vary from what is above explained.

Rent in Barcelona | Green area

Green area

These areas are painted on the floor in green and are usually in residential areas. To park here is very cheap for the people that live around these areas, but not for the rest. These areas are even more expensive than the the Blue Area. However, as the blue area it is also free from 08:00pm until 08:00am and also on weekends. All of these areas in the city are free of charge during August. As stated with the Green Blue, we highly recommend reading the instructions at the parking toll as the information may vary depending on the area.

Free parking in public lanes

This can be easily identified by white lines painted on the floor that trace the area of parking spot. These places are usually located in residential and industrial areas far from the city center, and are a good option if you would like to move around by public transport during your stay. Also, this is a free parking place for an unlimited amount of time. We can find some of these places in streets like Sants, Pedralbes, Tibidabo, Vallcarca, Poblenou, etc...

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