Sant Jordi 2017

This April 23 is the biggest popular party in Barcelona.

On this day you do not have to go to the bookstore to see books. Everywhere, in any corner, in any street, thousands of books occupy roads and squares. The main artery of the party is La Rambla, full of stands and authors signing their latest works, but the bookstores of each neighborhood also go out to the street so that the best literary offer flood Barcelona. Meanwhile, the florists draw Barcelona with all the colors of spring and the lovers give roses as a gesture of love in capital letters. The bakers make knights and chocolate dragons and bakers, delicious cheese breads and sobrasada with the colors of the flag. Each one makes his gesture so that you can make yours.


Sant Jordi is culture, flowers, love and citizen participation. And in the same way, Barcelona, an open, inclusive and participative city, is Sant Jordi.


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